Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sean Penn questions Wyclef Jean's Haiti presidential aspirations?

Exactly what Haiti doesn't need - - two undereducated spoiled rich kid celebrities stroking their own egos with the needs and sufferings of others.

Hip-hop artist Jean flew into Haiti to announce his bid for presidency in front of a crowd of young supporters.

Encouraging the youths around him to get voting cards, he later told CNN: "I represent the voice of the youth, which over 50 per cent of the population".

But Penn, who has spent an extended amount of time in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake, accused Jean of being a "non-presence" during relief efforts to rebuild the country since the disaster, while he also accused him of displaying an unnecessary amount of wealth.

"I want to see someone who is really, really willing to sacrifice for their country and not just someone who I personally saw with a vulgar entourage of vehicles that demonstrated a wealth in Haiti that – in context, I felt a very obscene demonstration," he said.

Responding to the Oscar-winning actor, Jean said: "I just want Sean Penn to fully understand I am a Haitian, born in Haiti and I've been coming to my country ever since (I was) a child," he said.

If he wins the presidency, the ex-Fugee frontman said he would encourage donors to invest heavily in education.

It's kind of funny to read about the Jewish / Irish actor son of show business parents raised in opulent splendor in a Malibu beach house questioning whether someone else is "Haitian enough" to be president. Does spoiled millionaire-from-birth Penn (best known for acting talent and abusive relationships) think 7 or 8 months of on and off charity work between other gigs makes him the spokesman for the Haitian underclass?

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