Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anti-Semite Helen Thomas to get statue at Arab American National Museum

A museum near Detroit is raising money for a statue of newswoman Helen Thomas, now controversial because of her remarks about Israel.

The Arab American National Museum began pitching for money online this week, the Detroit Free Press reported. Officials there say $10,000 more is needed.

Thomas, who covered the White House for United Press International for decades, resigned as a Hearst columnist last month. She became the center of a public firestorm when she told a rabbi at a White House event Israelis "should get the hell out of Palestine." She later apologized.

Actually, she said Jews (not Israelis) should "get the hell out of Palestine" (which is why she's an Anti-Semite, not simply anti-Israel) and “go home” to Poland and Germany (conveniently forgetting about both indigenous Jews and the whole Holocaust thingy, which forced the survivors to leave Poland and Germany 60 some years ago).

The rest of the story speaks for itself and, sadly, is not surprising.

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