Friday, August 6, 2010

If you wanted to purge your top military staff . . .

you could embed reporters until they said something insubordinate.

The U.S. Army inspector general is investigating whether aides to former Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal were insubordinate when they made a series of derogatory comments about top civilian leaders to a Rolling Stone reporter, McClatchy has learned.

The investigation comes as the Pentagon grapples with how much access the reporter who wrote the piece, Michael Hastings, should have to troops. Hastings was banned from a scheduled embed this September in Afghanistan for being untrustworthy, Col. David Lapan, the director of the Pentagon press office, said Tuesday.

The Obama administration gave an anti military reporter from an anti military publication unlimited unconditional 24/7 access over an extended period of time to the top general and his staff in the Afghan military theatre.

The more you read about this, the clearer it is that Gen. Stanley McChrystal and staff were set up by people without the guts to fire them outright. Notice how this reporter is not getting access to the military staff currently in favor.

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