Saturday, August 28, 2010

An emergency email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Received this morning via email, over the signature of James Carville:

You can bet Beck and Palin'll claim tomorrow's freak show means that their wingnut movement has all the momentum going into election season. We can't let these wackjobs win.

. . . while Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are spewing hate and paranoia to their Tea Party followers, grassroots Democrats will be talking to their friends and neighbors about working together for America's future by making sure Democrats still control the House of Representatives after Election Day.
The official campaign organ of Congressional Democrats (not some crazy lone blogger, but via a television talking head / strategist / official spokesman) describes their opposition with words such as "freak show", "wingnut", "wackjobs" and "spewing hate and paranoia".

The Congressional Democrats just don't get it. People are upset about record "structural" (i.e., permanent) unemployment, huge deficits, ineffective "stimulus" plans and counterproductive "health insurance reform", coupled with broken promises to end foreign wars. Branding voters with legitimate concerns as freaks and nuts and haters doesn't change that dynamic, it just angers them more.

You would think that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al. would have learned by now that mocking the tea party activists (i.e., calling them tea baggers) doesn't negate the seductiveness of their argument.

The Democratic Party's problems are not Beck and Palin. They're Obama and real unemployment approaching 20%.

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