Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's not the recession, it's waste and corruption

The renovation of Miami International Airport is almost complete, after "more than a decade of delays, cost overruns and, at times, corruption [which] have boosted the tab for the expansion that includes the North and South terminals to $6.3 billion, a mountain of debt that will trail the county-owned airport for 30 years. . . . the airport said its annual costs to operate and pay debt will nearly double to an estimated $1 billion in the next five years. . . . [the] construction tab . . . won't be paid off until 2041 . . . The expansion was envisioned in the mid-1990s as a $3.9 billion undertaking to spruce up the dingy facility . . ."


A $3.9 billion "spruce up" turned into a $6.3 billion boondoggle with a final price tag of public debt in the amount of $1 billion per year for 30 years due to criminal delay, waste and corruption.

Unfortunately, this is typical.

Don't let any politician blame their budget woes on the recession. Instead, find out which politicians received donations from the government contractors in your area, and vote against them.

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