Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trouble for Republicans

Jim Greer, the big-spending former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with six felony counts in connection with a secret consulting contract he struck with the party, state police said.

Greer, 47, and former party executive director Delmar Johnson used a "shell company" called Victory Strategies to raise money from the party for "personal enrichment", said Bill Shepherd, Florida's statewide prosecutor.

Johnson was a cooperating witness and struck a plea deal.

Greer was charged with money laundering, committing a scheme to defraud and four theft charges. The theft charges carry a maximum five-year prison sentence. The others call for a maximum 30-year prison term.

Greer's arrest was the first made by a statewide grand jury examining public corruption, which was called for by Gov. Charlie Crist, who personally picked Greer to lead the Republican Party of Florida.

The only things that can save Obama are Republican sex and money scandals.

Fortunately for Obama, they keep coming.

By the way - - this crook was Charlie Crist's hand picked lackey with no independent political base. If he flips, he could doom Crist's senate campaign.

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