Monday, June 7, 2010

For what it's worth

The other day, I was using the GPS on my cell phone to get to a family function, and I thought how my late mom (born in the 1920's) would have marvelled about that.

Then I thought how phone communication has evolved in the 80+ years since her birth, from party lines and switchboard operators to wireless and 3G and live streaming.

But, thanks to those with vested interests in internal combustion engines run on fossil fuels (industry, government, shareholders and unions) blocking technological progress, we're still basically driving 1920's style cars fueled by 1920's style energy.

We don't need new legislation or regulation. We need technological progress (unfettered by those with ties to the auto and oil industries) to make internal combustion engines and fossil fuel as obsolete as party lines and switchboards.

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