Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another hypocrite

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum says Florida faces such severe budget shortfalls that everybody needs to cut back.

But even as the attorney general touts his plan to freeze tax rates for local governments, he won't forgo hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money for his campaign.

"There's going to be a $6 billion shortfall -- or more with the oil spill -- in state government alone,"' McCollum said in a Tampa Bay area TV interview.

"I want to ask everybody to pull in that belt. Am I going to take some taxpayer-matching funds? Yes I am, because I've got an opponent now who's a multi, multimillionaire," McCollum said. "He's spending unlimited wealth and I'm going to have maybe $6 or $7 million to spend."

Bill McCollum is against government spending . . . on others.

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