Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catch and release

We catch 'em and our "allies" release 'em.

Afghanistan's controversial new commission formed to release suspected Taliban prisoners has set free 14 detainees already, primarily from U.S. custody, and more than two dozen more releases are imminent, Afghan officials told McClatchy on Sunday.

In a major concession to entice the Taliban into talks, President Hamid Karzai announced the amnesty for detained insurgents at the peace "jirga" - a traditional gathering of tribal leaders - held in Kabul at the start of this month.

Karzai is pushing a policy of "reconciliation" with the Taliban, having apparently given up on defeating them militarily. Freeing Taliban prisoners is a key plank of his policy to induce the insurgents to come to a political settlement, which would see them gain a share of power.

Our "friend" Karzai is pushing a policy of "reconciliation" with the folks who enabled the attack on the World Trade Center.

Why is our government silent about this betrayal?

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