Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"A hard time keeping his pledge"

The State Department says its diplomatic staff won't be safe after the American military leaves Iraq unless it has its own combat-ready protection force, a warning that underscores concerns about the Iraq army and police the U.S. has spent billions of dollars training and equipping.

. . . Contractors will be required to maintain the gear and provide other support to diplomatic staff, the State Department says, a potential financial boon for companies such as the Houston-based KBR Inc. that still have a sizable presence in Iraq.

The need for private-sector help shows that President Barack Obama is having a hard time keeping his pledge to stem U.S. reliance on contractors, a practice that flourished under the Bush administration.

According to the media, Clinton, Gore, Bush, McCain, Palin, etc. all "lie".

But, Obama has "a hard time keeping his pledge".

Why is the media surprised when they are accused of bias?

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