Monday, June 14, 2010

Starting to notice that no one's noticing

People are starting to notice that no one cares anymore about the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:
. . . with the exception of the American soldiers who are fighting these wars, and their families, barely anyone back homes cares? The Tea Party’s 10 point “Contract from America” doesn’t even mention foreign policy. At his keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference in February, Glenn Beck never uttered the words “Afghanistan” or “Iraq.” And as Michael Cohen noted in a recent New Republic article entitled “All Silent on the Lefty Front,” liberal commentators are just as uninterested. Paul Krugman has not written a column on Afghanistan since Barack Obama took office.

Amazing. The same war strategy that got Bush called a war criminal earns Obama the Nobel peace prize. I'm sure he'll win all kinds of environmental awards for watching BP kill the Gulf of Mexico.

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