Friday, June 25, 2010

Partisans vs. hacks

Partisans root for those on their side of the aisle.

Hacks blindly support whatever those on their side of the aisle do, regardless of ideology, logic or morality.


Already locked in a tight re-election race, Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski did not help his chances with comments Wednesday implying minorities are not "good American people."

"We're giving relief to people that I deal with in my office every day now, unfortunately," Mr. Kanjorski said during deliberations Wednesday between House and Senate negotiators over the pending financial reform bill.

"Because of the longevity of this recession, these are people — and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about — these are average, good American people," he added.

Partisan Democrats should be saddened, but should nonetheless condemn the obviously racist comments.

What do hacks do (all on MSNBC this morning)?

Eugene Robinson dispassionately described the statement as "generational" and "unfortunate".

Harold Ford told us to "look at it in context".

Jonathan Capehart excused the remarks as "taken out of of context".

You couldn't find three prominent African American media figures to excuse or minimize those comments if made by someone on the other side of the aisle.

But, Kanjorski is a Democrat . . . and Robinson, Ford and Capehart are hacks.

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