Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That epidemic of right wing anti census violence

Remember the epidemic of right wing anti census worker violence?

The first incident turned out to be a suicide.

The rest?
Despite fears of hostility toward the federal government, incidents involving census workers have been relatively few. Since April, in the course of knocking on 47 million doors an average of two times, the bureau has logged 430 on-the-job incidents against enumerators, including 13 cases where shots were fired (one man was killed in Baltimore) and 139 cases where a weapon was pulled. Ten workers were robbed, one was bitten by a duck and another by a rooster.

Got that? There were only 430 incidents out of at least 94 million attempted personal contacts with residents.

430 out of 94 million.

And, like most senseless acts of assault or battery, the overwhelming majority were apolitical.

You have to wonder what the Obama administration and its allies were hoping to accomplish by breathlessly hyping baseless "fears of hostility" (while minimizing the existence of real terror threats emanating from the Middle East and South Asia).

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