Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is college worth it?

Expect to see more stories like this:

"In a recession, is college worth it? Fear of debt changes plans . . . Darla . . acknowledges she didn't give much thought to the cost of college when she enrolled at State University of New York in Purchase. "My plans were to get out of Texas, and college became incidental" . . . Because she didn't qualify for financial aid, she took out student loans, graduating in 2005 with a double major in journalism and anthropology and more than $80,000 in debt. Her loan payments were manageable until this year, when she lost her job . . . . she's behind on her loan payments. . . . "To this day, I have yet to see the complete value of my education," Horn says."


Short answer: If you go to a mediocre college, pay private or out of state tuition rates, and take fun and easy but useless majors (anthropology?), the answer is "No".

But, if you go to a good state college, pay in state rates, and take a real major that leads to job certification, licensure or grad school? Yes.

It's like everything else. Spend your money wisely.

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