Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gunmen attack illegal immigrants

"Mexican officials say gunmen have attacked a group of illegal immigrants in southern Mexico, killing one and wounding five as well as an alleged people smuggler. According to Mexico's federal preventative police, gunmen fired on a truck carrying the migrants before dawn Saturday along a highway outside the city of Comitan in Chiapas state. Federal officials say an Ecuadoran man was fatally shot and at least six others suffered wounds, including the suspected smuggler. . . . Immigrants have been increasingly attacked in Mexico by gangs trying to extort money from their families."


Of course, this story involves Mexican citizens in Mexico killing illegal immigrants in Mexico, so it's not front page news. Lou Dobbs saying things illegal immigrants in America don't like to hear? That's news.

By the way, notice how the news media operates - - an illegal immigrant is "illegal" when illegally in Mexico, but is merely an "undocumented worker" when found in the United States.

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