Saturday, September 19, 2009

UNESCO's new boss?

"He's an Egyptian culture minister who once threatened to burn Israeli books - and he might soon become the face of the United Nations' arm for learning and culture. . . . Farouk Hosni, a painter and Egyptian culture minister for over two decades, is considered a leading candidate, despite the concerns of activists who question whether he would deal fairly with Israel and whether a man who oversees censorship at home should be entrusted with high international office. . . . Hosni is often cited as the front-runner because he has support from the Arab League, the Organization of African Unity and the Organization of the Islamic Conference . . . In 2008, speaking before Egyptian lawmakers and trying to defend himself against charges of being soft on Israel, he vowed to burn any Israeli books in Egypt's famed Library of Alexandria. . . . for the benefit of Egyptian Islamic hard-liners, he has implemented censorship of some books and movies . . ."

As Egyptian culture minister for 20+ years, the man censors books and movies (regardless of origin) and wants to burn Israeli books.

What is our ambassador to the U.N. doing to keep him from any international cultural leadership role?

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