Monday, August 31, 2009

"Hillary: The Movie" and unintended consequences

"The Supreme Court will cut short its summer break in early September to hear a new argument in a momentous case that could transform the way political campaigns are conducted. The case, which arose from a minor political documentary called “Hillary: The Movie,’’ seemed an oddity when it was first argued in March. Just six months later, it has turned into a juggernaut with the potential to shatter a century-long understanding about the government’s ability to bar corporations from spending money to support political candidates."

Right wing Republicans did their best to destroy Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy. We can assume Clinton's candidacy would have result in Bill Clinton-style government - - balanced budgets, compromise and incrementalism.

Right wing Republicans did such a good job stopping Hillary Clinton (including voting for Obama in open caucus and primary states) that we now have Obama-style record deficits, runaway spending and hyper partisanship.

Talk about unintended consequences.

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