Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Better relations with the Castros?

"Cuban state media have released a second recent photo showing Fidel Castro in regular civilian clothing instead of the track suits that he commonly wore after falling ill in July 2006. In the picture, the 83-year-old Castro is shaking hands with the visiting head of the Chinese parliament in the walled backyard of an undisclosed home. Castro is wearing a red, short-sleeve dress shirt as he greets National People's Congress leader Wu Bangguo. The pair are surrounded by plants and a house is in the background. Castro has rarely been shown outside since he stepped down as president in February 2008. The photo was taken Thursday by Fidel's son Alex Castro, a photographer for the Communist Youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde. It was published Friday in the newspaper and in the Communist Party daily Granma."


Cuba is a closed dictatorial society, led by a semi monarchy (Castro's brother replaces him, and his son is the official photographer), in which you tell who's in charge by the shirt they wear in public.

Again, why does Obama want better relations with the Castros?

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