Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gaza tunnels

"Two Palestinians . . . died early on Saturday when a tunnel running beneath the Gaza-Egypt border collapsed on them, medics said. Another two people were injured in the cave-in but were treated at the scene and released . . . Since Israel and Egypt sealed Gaza off to all but basic goods following the Islamist Hamas movement's seizure of the territory in June 2007, a vast trade involving hundreds of tunnels has developed along the border. . . . Smugglers regularly bring in thousands of tons of food, fuel, household appliances and animals to market . . ."


"Food, fuel, household appliances and animals" are not "basic goods" which "Israel and Egypt sealed off" from Gaza "following the Islamist Hamas movement's seizure of the territory". Does anyone honestly believe that Gaza's "Islamist Hamas" movement uses the tunnels to bring in "food, fuel, household appliances and animals", and not to smuggle in guns and explosives and weapons?

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