Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obamacare and abortion

"U.S. Roman Catholic bishops have taken a consistent line on a health care overhaul: It's vital, but they cannot support proposals that go too far in covering abortion and not far enough in protecting health workers who don't want to provide that procedure. Now, at least a half-dozen bishops have gone beyond that position, some of them using hard-hitting terms such as "socialization" and "monopolization" to launch a broader critique of big government. Their argument isn't that the federal government should necessarily stay out of health care coverage altogether, but that an oversized government health system could wield too much power over people's lives."

All they have to do to end this part of the debate is add a provision expressly stating whether abortion funding will be provided or prohibited. That would end the discussion. Why won't they? It's as if the administration enjoys the tumult.

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