Monday, September 14, 2009

Medieval Cuba

When someone died, and Henry VIII wore yellow, it was interpreted as a calculated insult with foreign policy repercussions. Henry wore yellow when Catherine of Aragon died, and it started a cascade of events that eventually led to the Spanish Armada's attempted invasion of England.

But that was in medieval times. Today?

"What does it mean when Fidel Castro, known for carefully managing his image, appears in recent photos wearing not his usual track suits but shirts that one observer called "tropical business casual." Perhaps nothing, Cuba analysts say. But perhaps, they add almost in the same breath, Castro is signaling that he's done rehabilitating from his health crisis and is ready to wield more influence over Cuba affairs. Truth is, no one really knows, outside of a handful of very senior officials in Havana. But that has not stopped Cuba-watchers from speculating about Castro's possible return to a much move active and powerful role in the island's future."

Why do we want "better relations" with this sick old dictator who acts like a medieval king, signaling his political intent by the shirt he wears?

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