Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whipping women who wear pants

"A Sudanese woman journalist was . . . spared a whipping for wearing trousers, but a court instead fined Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein 500 Sudanese pounds ($200). . . . Speaking as they emerged from the hearing which was barred to the press, witnesses said the court had ruled that Hussein be jailed for a month if she failed to pay the fine. Under Sudanese law, she could have been sentenced to a maximum of 40 lashes for "indecency" after being arrested with 12 other women wearing trousers in a Khartoum restaurant in July."

Our enemies, the radical fundamentalists, whip women for wearing pants.

Our friends, the moderates, fine them and throw them in jail for wearing pants.

Hopefully, we will one day have a leader who says, "To hell with all of you."

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