Thursday, November 27, 2008

Only kidding themselves

Keeping Bob Gates as Secretary of Defense is proof that Obama plans radical change?

Are we really to believe that making no change is proof of intent to enact radical change? That's so self delusional, it's sad.

These people voted for an empty vessel with no record, onto which they projected their hopes and dreams. Most of them will eventually be disappointed.


FinFanJim said...

So you hope. You're the same guy who firmly predicted that people would come to their senses and come back closer to the center and not vote to put an inexperienced leftist in the white house.

In early 1930's Germany, you'd probably be the guy saying Hitler is all talk; nobody is going to take all that "cleansing the Fatherland of the Jews" stuff literally in the long run - it's just hyperbole and red meat for the base, etc.

Yeah, some Obama followers may be disappointed in Obama in a few years. On the other hand, politics doesn't operate on the old model any more, and no matter HOW bad things will get, there will be some way to blame it all on racists, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh propaganda, or Bush policies 000-08.

THAT's my prediction.

Don't underestimate the power of a cult-like leader, who has the MSM as his message board, as opposed to a mere politician, who is under the glare of a critical media.

The faux indignation over stuff like Gates is all just window dressing.

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