Monday, November 24, 2008

John Edwards For Labor Secretary?

"John Edwards For Labor Secretary"

Could there be a dumber idea?

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FinFanJim said...

Why not? You probably love the guy. If he was invited as a guest speaker at a Broward County Bar Assoc. lunch, you and your colleagues would fall all over yourselves for a chance to fawn over him and perhaps even touch his sleave. Admit it.

Don't forget - there "are two Americas." John told us so. Repeatedly. One in which a little girl is going to bed hungry tonight. And also cold, because she has not coat.

And the other America. The one your pal John Edwards lives in. 28,000 square foot house built on the most expensive non-coastal real estate in the state of North Carolina.

Maybe now, finally, that poor (fictional, hypothetical) little girl will get a hot meal and a new coat; and Mr. Edwards will be forced to "share" some of his wealth and "spread it around."

First he has to get current on his child support payments to his mistress of course.