Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm not impressed

We're supposed to celebrate because the stock market is UP by 400 to 8,444?

Let me know when it breaks 11,000.


FinFanJim said...

It was around 9500 on election day. And unemployment was 6.5%. And the inflation rate was 2.5%.

Remember those numbers. There's your benchmark.

Let's see what they are in exactly two years.

Oh yeah, none of that will matter because the new propaganda message which is going to get POUNDED by the MSM, day after day after day -- is that the economy given DIRECTY BY BUSH HIMSELF to Obama (forget the Pelosi controlled house since 2006) is SO broken and SO fucked up, it can't be repaired in just 4 years. Dear Leader must, in all fairness, be given the full 8 years to work his miracles. Perhaps even an amendment to allow him a third term, since he is just like FDR, except sort of like Lincoln too.

Count on it. It is a guarantee.

Today's headline is an upbeat "Team Obama Gets to Work!!" When was the phrase "Team Bush" used in a newspaper headline? EVER? When was there ever an upbeat headline period, for GWB?

Flip to the Home/Lifestyle section..."Obamas Workout Routine"!! Are you kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me? Yesterday's Lifestyle section discussed how comparable Ms "I'm finally proud of my Country" is to.....Jackie K.

We did not elect a president. We elected the second coming of Princess Diana.

Turn on the t.v., to try to escape with some sports news. "OBAMA favors a college playoff system."!! Oh, my what is that wet stuff in my pants!

Will the National Media's Orgasm ever come to an end?

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