Friday, June 4, 2010

Making excuses for Obama

You knew it was bound to happen.

Even though Obama was elected in November, 2008 (going on two years ago), and even though Obama has had the opportunity to hire and fire all the new regulators he wants, and even though Obama himself suggested more offshore oil drilling, and even though the Obama administration approved new offshore drilling after this oil spill began, guess whose fault this is?
The way to seize this moment is not to attempt to control what you cannot - the gush of oil from the open wound in the floor of the Gulf. It is to remind people of the lax regulation that allowed this to happen - this is Bush-Cheney's second Katrina . . .

Fortunately, the people aren't stupid.

And, you can't spin tar balls washing up on pristine beaches or pelicans drowning in oil.

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