Thursday, September 3, 2009

The problem of the underinsured

"Cathy Kerns has multiple sclerosis. The drugs she takes are lifesaving, she says, but they cost more than $5,000 a month -- and she must make a 20 percent co-payment. Her specialized physical therapy costs $600 per half-hour -- and she pays 20 percent of that. "'If I call and plead with the insurance company that I need more therapy so I can walk, they say, `Sorry, it isn't in the policy,'" she says. "I'm paying more than $30,000 a year out of pocket. I'm running through my savings.'' Kerns, 60, who is retired and lives in Orlando, represents hidden millions in America's healthcare crisis. She has insurance -- but she is underinsured."

People need to realize that Obamacare will be a minimalist program that leaves everyone underinsured.

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