Thursday, July 8, 2010

You can't make this up

Asked why he thinks Israelis don't trust him, Obama didn't mention any past policy disputes, or his reversals of prior support, or his public criticisms, or his intentional snubs of Israeli leadership (such as refusing to take a picture with the Israeli prime minister).

Obama's explanation?

In an interview on Israeli TV, President Obama said that his middle name -- "Hussein" -- was one cause of distrust that some Israelis feel toward him.

"Some of it may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein, and that creates suspicion," the president said.

On the other hand, he also pointed out, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's middle name is "Israel."

The only word to describe those comments is "stupid".

Although "bigoted", "condescending" and "insulting" also come to mind.

Think of what it says about his opinion of the Israeli public and the worldwide Jewish community.

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