Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obamabots get their revenge on Clinton supporter

Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek touts his congressional accomplishments in his U.S. Senate quest, but rivals and supporters question if he's ready for the starring role.

Meek committed the ultimate sin for a member of the Congressional Black Caucus - - he endorsed Hillary Clinton over Obama, stuck with her to the end, and never betrayed her or tried to sabotage her campaign from within.

Therefore, the Obama White House hasn't done anything for Meek. Instead, the Obama folks on the ground in Florida are signing up with newly independent, newly moderate, newly happily married heterosexual Governor Charlie Crist.

They gladly ignore Crist's 20+ year record as a Reagan Republican conservative "confirmed bachelor" who consistently supported the Bushs and their wars and opposed gay adoptions and reproductive choice. After all, Crist didn't get to be known as "Chain Gang Charlie" because of all the white prisoners he sent out on work crews when he re-instituted 19th century style chain gangs in Florida prisons.

The real story - - petty Obama won't support the Democrat.

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