Sunday, July 25, 2010

An apolitical defense of Lebron James

For turning down more money in Ohio or New York or Chicago because he'd rather play the game to win, Lebron James is being lectured by Jordan, Barkley and Johnson.

I'm talking about Michael Jordan, the best who ever played the game, but the man who had to take a year or two off at the height of his career because of "gambling issues", and who's father was killed under mysterious circumstances.

And Charles Barkley, who most recently was in the news after being jailed for drunk driving.

And Magic Johnson, who contracted HIV/AIDS from either rampant adulterous promiscuity, or intravenous drug use, or unprotected closeted gay sex (pick at least one), putting at risk the health and safety of his wife and children.

Why do any of these guys think they are in a position to lecture a scandal-free 25 year old who still lives with his mom?

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