Saturday, July 24, 2010

A White House trifecta of gullibility, stupidity and weakness

Shirley Sherrod, the black Agriculture Department official whose firing and subsequent offer of rehiring by the Obama administration this week has sparked a national conversation about politics and race, said Thursday she believes she deserves a telephone call from President Obama — and the White House said Mr. Obama has not ruled it out.

Of course, the president did eventually call and grovel for forgiveness - - before Sherrod went on television to say conservatives want to re-enslave blacks.

Putting aside all merits of the underlying dispute, our enemies were comforted this week by the administration's demonstration of bafflement, confusion and incompetence.

P.S. - And don't blame the blogger who posted the edited video - - unless you're willing to concede that one lone blogger can bamboozle the entire Obama administration in a war of wills and information!

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