Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bush-era attorney firing called legal

We're several dozen fake controversies removed from the artificial "attorney firings" scandal, but

The Bush administration's Justice Department's actions were inappropriately political, but not criminal, when it fired a U.S. attorney in 2006, prosecutors said Wednesday in closing a two-year investigation without filing charges.

The decision closes the books on one of the lingering political disputes of the Bush administration, one that Democrats said was evidence of GOP politics run amok and that Republicans have always said was a manufactured controversy.

Remember, Obama's campaign supporters called the firings illegal, made the firings an issue in the election, and ruined or stalled the careers of several of those involved.

Now, the Obama administration's Justice Department concedes that the firings were legal.

Of course, don't expect those calling for apologies to members of "their" team (like Shirley Sherrod) to issue any apologies to members of "the other" team (like the Bush staffers) . . . because they don't realize we're all supposed to be on the same team.

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