Saturday, July 17, 2010

For those who decry our Guantanamo terrorist detention center

Rats and diseases infested Cuban prison cells so badly that some inmates tried to kill themselves and other did themselves harm, according to freed political prisoners who spoke Thursday in Spain.

Those who spoke were among 11 political prisoners released this week and flown to Spain to start new lives. At a press conference in Madrid, they painted a squalid picture of the prison conditions they had endured.

"The hygiene and health situations in prisons throughout the island of Cuba are not terrible, they are worse than terrible," freed dissident Julio Cesar Galvez said.

"We had to live with rats and cockroaches ... with excrement. It's not a lie," he said.

You'll never hear it in the U.S. media, but our Guantanamo terrorist detention center is safer, cleaner, and more humanely run than any of Castro's prison in Cuba.

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