Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't you know someone happy to be on unemployment?

Facing a brutal job market, more than a million Floridians are listed as unemployed. Washington stepped in with more aid, but sometimes that aid can be more appealing than work.

As the owner of a temporary staffing firm, Vanessa Bartram knows the allure of even part-time work in a brutal economy as her Miami office clogs with candidates each day.

But she also knows the appeal of an unemployment check, a government benefit President Barack Obama extended Thursday and which has complicated some job pairings during the downturn.

"We've definitely had people say, 'No I don't want that job,' and beg us not to report that to unemployment," said Bartram, president of Work Square, which specializes in matching workers with low-wage hospitality jobs. "I think it's relatively common. I think people understand the system and how to maneuver it."

All things being equal, most people would rather have a good job than a state unemployment benefit check.

But, let's all stop pretending that we don't all know of at least one person who won't seriously look for a job until their unemployment benefits run out.

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