Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another sign of changing times

Daniel Tosh, not Stewart or Colbert, is Comedy Central's new top host.
There has been an audience coup at Comedy Central. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been displaced as the cable network’s most popular host. The crown has been seized by Daniel Tosh of “Tosh.0″ The show, a collection of outrageous bits and pieces from the web, attracted 2.4 million viewers last Wednesday and is averaging 2.2 million since its June 2 season premiere, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The Daily Show” averages about 2 million and “The Colbert Report” averages about 1.4 million.

If you haven't seen Tosh's show, it's all frat boy, politically incorrect, middle class, suburban humor. He's definitely not one of the self appointed progressive New York / D.C. / L.A. "creative class".