Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rachel Maddow: Newsperson? No, partisan hack

Obama, in a four-minute video message, tried to calm liberals frustrated by what they consider slow progress on their favorite causes, urging Democratic bloggers and activists to be patient and work with him.

. . . Be patient, Obama urged them. His message included a brief recitation of his accomplishments by liberal TV commentator Rachel Maddow, who noted that Congress has passed landmark health care and financial regulation legislation.

Does a "newsperson" address a gathering of partisan "Democratic bloggers and activists" regarding the "accomplishments" of any politician? No, but a partisan hack does.

It's funny how the people who complain about the hyper partisanship on Fox News celebrate its mirror image on MSBNC.


Blossom said...

guess you're just not used to someone who just reports the facts. turn off faux news and get a clue!

Barry Jay Warsch said...

Actually, I watch CNN - - MSNBC and Fox are the two opposite sides of the same hyper partisan coin. I'd rather hear NEWS on the news.