Friday, July 30, 2010

Our friend Pakistan

The documents released Sunday by WikiLeaks . . . include accusations that a former top Pakistani intelligence figure helped supply Taliban militants. There are also mundane but telling accounts of testy exchanges in which U.S. military officers tried to avoid disclosing operational details to Pakistani counterparts for fear the information would be turned against them.

"Of course we were vague and changed the subject," one American officer wrote following a 2007 meeting at which a Pakistani lieutenant colonel sought details about U.S. force placements.

The U.S. and Pakistani officers shared snacks and tea and took several group photos, the U.S. report said, but the officer's overall assessment of the session was bleak.

The Pakistani military is "not an effective disruption force," the officer wrote. "The leadership sounded to be on the right path, but it was not echoed in the actions of the unit."

We give Pakistan billions in aid, and they leak information to our enemies.

Aren't you glad the "anti-war" candidate won the presidential election?

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