Saturday, July 10, 2010

No surprise: Immoral people behave immorally

People shouldn't be surprised when things like this happen to them.

Tennis legend Chris Evert and golf great Greg Norman were married in June 2008, and publicly they were the perfect couple, often photographed together smiling and holding hands. Evert, retired from competitive tennis, even served as Norman's caddie during the '08 Masters' Wednesday par 3 tournament, and was on hand when Norman, then 54, had a chance to win the British Open that summer.

Fifteen months later, the once inseparable couple are just that -- separated -- jointly releasing a statement that said only, "We will remain friends and supportive of one another's family."

Turns out, that's not entirely true, at least from Evert's perspective. In a recent interview with Woman's Day, Evert spoke frankly about her short-lived relationship. (Via

"I had no idea it was coming. No idea," Evert said of her split with Norman. It wasn't talked about, ever. ... Never in a million years did I imagine it would end up like this." ...

A brutally frank Evert has told the magazine she and Norman would never be friends and the divorce has put her off seeking new love. When asked if she missed Norman, Evert said: "I miss my family time with Andy and the kids. That was 20 years of history. Probably the best years of my life. I also really miss Greg's parents. The best part about him are his parents."

Norman and Evert's relationship became public in January 2007, shortly after Norman's ex-wife got a $103 million divorce settlement, and Evert ended her marriage to former champion skier Andy Mill. The two high-profile professional athletes were engaged in December of '07, but not before Mill told Australia's Herald Sun, "Greg Norman at one time was my best friend and ... I would have taken a bullet for this guy. ... But I didn't realize he was the one who was going to pull the trigger."

Making matters worse: a month after Norman and Evert were married, she admitted that their relationship began as an affair.

A rich, successful, good looking professional athlete, happily married with children to another rich, successful, good looking professional athlete, began an illicit adulterous affair with her husband's married best friend, divorced her husband, and ultimately married the cheating boyfriend.

The boyfriend turned out to be immoral and untrustworthy and shortly thereafter left her alone and humiliated.

The only surprise is that people don't see things like that coming.