Thursday, July 1, 2010

America haters

Manuel Zelaya was the leftist / populist president of Honduras.

He was an ally of Castro, Chavez and all the other America-hating "revolutionaries".

The Honduran Supreme Court and the Honduran legislature determined Zelaya was illegally subverting the Honduran Constitution, and Zelaya was kicked out of office by the Honduran military.

New elections were held, and a new president was democratically elected.

Throughout this drama, in an effort to make new friends, our new president took Zelaya's side in the dispute. America refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Honduran action or government. Aid was cut off and we joined international boycotts.

Our reward?

Former president Manuel Zelaya today reiterated comments he made last week accusing the United States military's Southern Command (Southcom) of planning his overthrow on June 28, 2009. In a letter written from the Dominican Republic where he has been in self-exile since January 27, Mr. Zelaya said, "Everything indicates that the coup was planned at the [joint Honduran-US] military base in Palmerola by US Southcom and awkwardly executed by bad Hondurans." He added, "The causes and the masterminds of this crime that had previously been concealed are now clear", and what was suspected has now been confirmed: "The United States was behind the coup d'├ętat." According to Mr. Zelaya, at first the US Department of State denied any connection, while the US embassy in Tegucigalpa "expressed its condemnation". But he noted, "The intellectual authors of this crime answer to an illicit relationship between the Hawks in Washington and Honduran business people and their subsidiaries -- North Americans and financial institutions."

America-haters hate America.

They're not going to start loving us no matter how far we reach out to leftist anti-Americans.

And, they're never going to thank us for anything.

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