Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a few hundred billion buys

We're committed to investing hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money in the government takeover of the U.S. auto industry, to "save jobs"and "develop energy efficiency" and "ensure cars and trucks are made in America".

Their first decision: orange cars!

"If the new cars in your parking garage seem to be more vivid, it may just be a sign of the economic times. Carmakers are increasingly turning to one of the cheapest, fastest ways to make a vehicle stand out: color. Forget costly redesigns, many now delayed, or a big honking spoiler, to make the latest model obvious. Just put some neon yellow paint in the sprayer, and you've got a car that few will forget, even if they want to. reports the number of car colors is up by nearly 60 for the 2009 model year, from 5,611 to 5,670. Love 'em or hate 'em, colors such as orange — make that "solar-flare metallic" — are among the most popular new offerings, even if mostly with automakers."

I don't think this will turn out real well.

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