Friday, June 26, 2009

Extremely talented child molester dies

While listening to all the tributes, remember that "inconvenient truth".

Unfortunately, in our society, if you can sing or throw a ball or tell a joke, we excuse very very bad behavior.


Miranda said...

Sir, you need to do your research. I recommend a book..."the Michael Jackson Conspiracy". A reporter by the name of Aphrodite Jones was on of the reporters that persecuted MJ. After the he was acquited, she did research on the 93 accuser (and all the other extortionists). By the way the family in the 2005 case...the mother was arrested following the case for not reporting her 200K she extored from JC Penny to the govt. She was collecting wellfare. She was scum of the the rest of the people that tried to falsly accuse him. He is a humanitarian. After the 2005 case, he continued to raise million for sick and impoverished children of the world. Please research.

Miranda said...

To the Far Right Democrat...Forgot to mention, along with Aphrodite Jones, Larry King and Geraldo River are some of the media personalities that defend Michael Jackson. Also, one of the accusers admitted in an interview that his father put him up to it. We would not celebrate child molesters...talented or not. The world now knows the truth. He was exonerated and resurrected! May he rest in Peace.