Monday, June 22, 2009

Healthcare not warfare?

This morning, I noticed a left over campaign 2008 bumper sticker: HEALTHCARE NOT WARFARE, in all cap bold letters on an Obama campaign colored background.

Of course, that was from back when the “anti war candidate” was going to end the war in Iraq and use the money here at home to pay for universal health care.

And, that was from before the “anti war candidate" revealed his true plans (slow partial withdrawal from Iraq, permanent bases in Iraq, and escalation in Afghanistan, with net troop and spending increases in the Iraq/Af/Pak theatre of operations).

The original “healthcare not warfare” plan of candidate Obama has now become Lyndon Johnson-style “guns and butter”, i.e., warfare and healthcare, and deficits be damned.

Of course, deficits will not be damned, and deficits are why Obama’s approval among independents is down to 46%, and if we don’t find the funding, we won’t reform health care. I’m getting the sneaky suspicion that the “anti war candidate" may be morphing into the president who chose warfare over healthcare.

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