Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not news to us

"After a fairly smooth opening, President Barack Obama faces new concerns among the American public about the budget deficit and government intervention in the economy as he works to enact ambitious health and energy legislation . . . These rising doubts threaten to overshadow the president's personal popularity and his agenda, in what may be a new phase of the Obama presidency. "The public is really moving from evaluating him as a charismatic and charming leader to his specific handling of the challenges facing the country," says Peter D. Hart, a Democratic pollster who conducts the survey with Republican Bill McInturff. Going forward, he says, Mr. Obama and his allies "are going to have to navigate in pretty choppy waters."

Maybe, if the media "leaders" spoke to real people instead of each other on T.V. talk shows, this would be no surprise.

By the way - - Obama's approval as president is down to 56%, and the approval of Obama's handling of the economy is down to 51%. You wouldn't know that if all you did was read the newspapers and watch TV news.

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