Friday, June 19, 2009

More promises broken

"The Senate approved a $105.9 billion emergency war-spending bill Thursday after the White House assured lawmakers that it would bar the release of photos of detained terrorism suspects by an executive order if necessary. The vote was 91-5. The bill, which now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature, includes $79.9 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $10.4 billion in diplomatic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and other countries in the region and $7.7 billion to help control the flu pandemic . . . [as well as] The ''cash for clunkers'' program [to] . . . give consumers up to $4,500 each for trading in aging gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient vehicles. . ."

Obama promised to end the wars in the Middle East, withdraw from Iraq, release the "torture" pictures, stop funding the wars "off budget" with emergency appropriations, and stop loading up war funding bills with pork. Never mind.

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