Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cuba issue tearing apart OAS

"Cuba came closer Tuesday to ending its 47-year suspension from the Organization of American States, but after working throughout the weekend, diplomats failed to come up with a way to readmit the communist nation in a way that satisfies both its leftist allies and those who insist on democratic principles. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said the divisive issue threatens the very existence of the OAS, a hemispheric group founded in 1948 that serves as the region's principal multilateral forum. . . . The issue put the Obama administration in a delicate spot as it took a leadership role in keeping Cuba from being brought back into the diplomatic fold while at the same time publicly initiating dialogue with the Castro government on long-dormant topics such as immigration and direct mail."

This is what happens when your rhetoric doesn't match your policies. It may work as a campaign strategy, but not as a governing strategy.

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