Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clinton called Cuba's bluff

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton negotiated a deal with the OAS for Cuba's re-admission - - Cuba could rejoin if Cuba took steps toward democratisation.

No one could argue with that in good faith.

Cuba's response?

"Cuba made its first official public announcement Monday regarding the Organization of American States' decision to withdraw its 1962 suspension from the hemispheric group: No thanks. . . . At the U.S. State Department's behest, the official resolution readmitting Cuba to the OAS says the next step should be Cuba's, and that the hemisphere's last communist country should abide by the group's "purposes, practices and principles." The wording was an effort to stem critics who argue that Cuba's human rights record and one-party rule should prohibit it from joining the OAS, which promotes democracy. . . . "They are looking for pretexts. Now Cuba is choosing to continue as a pariah in the region," said Human Rights Watch Americas director José Miguel Vivanco. "Given the choice to participate in the region or continue to violate human rights at home, they prefer to violate human rights."

When was the last time you heard Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International support the actions of a U.S. Secretary of State?

P.S. - Note how the media remains blindly anti Clinton. They say "the State Department" or "the Secretary of State", because they can't bring themselves to mention or credit Hillary Clinton.

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