Saturday, August 15, 2009

Balance the budget first

"With polls showing rising concern over the government's grim financial situation, key Republicans and a growing number of Democrats say it will be hard to push an ambitious health reform bill through Congress unless it reduces projected federal spending on medical care and begins to bring the national debt under control."

This is obvious.

Why is it news to those in Washington?

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Cooper City Info said...

What a novel idea. Balance the budget. Yes, Let's cut Medicare, Medcaid, and the VA program by at least 50-75% and we might, just might have enough money after 5 years to begin to put a dent in the 9 trillion dollar debt.

Barry, Do as the the gang did in the 70's, burn that card, Baby. Of course, I am talking about your voter registration card marked DEMOCRAT...
Centrist Independent might be a good fit for you.