Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colombia: Read these stories together

"Colombian President Alvaro Uribe defended his U.S. military alliance against tough criticism from other South American presidents on Friday, saying the United States was alone in answering Colombia's call for help against drug traffickers and terrorists. . . . Uribe provided few details about the 10-year base deal . . ."

"President Álvaro Uribe, whose government has forged a close alliance with the United States to fight Marxist guerrillas and drug traffickers, stepped closer to extending his presidency with Colombian Senate approval of a bill permitting him to run for a third term."

Get it? In exchange for allowing U.S. military bases on Colombian soil, the U.S. is ignoring Columbia's efforts to establish an old school strongman-style permanent executive government in South America's second-most-populous country and its oldest democracy.

Imagine the media and "progressive" response to this news if this was being done under President Clinton or President McCain. At what point in time will they stop excusing President Obama's foreign policy incompetence?

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