Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama, Crist and Le Mieux

"Broward County native George LeMieux will be the newest United States senator, Gov. Charlie Crist announced today. In naming Lemieux, 40, for the rare Senate appointment, Crist chose his closest and most loyal adviser and political guru. Lemieux ran Crist's 2006 campaign for governor -- earning the nickname "maestro" from the governor -- and later served as his chief of staff. Before that, LeMieux was Florida's deputy attorney general under Crist from 2003-2007.",0,7928711.story

Florida Gov. Crist is a "pragmatist". His only core belief is getting elected. An ultra conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in the 90's, Crist drifted to the center to run for governor. Earlier this year, Crist appeared with Obama to endorse Obama's stimulus plan, back when Obama's approval was at 70%.

Le Mieux is equally "pragmatic". Now a self described "social conservative", Le Mieux once ran for state legislative office as a gay rights advocate. Le Mieux will clearly be Crist's puppet.

Crist is running for the senate seat, and appointed Le Mieux to hold it for him until the next election.

If Le Mieux "pragmatically" supports Obama on "health insurance reform" (as Crist did on the stimulus bill), Le Mieux will get a high national profile (and the possibility of a post Senate high level appointment). As further part of any exchange, would Obama be willing to pay for a Republican vote by betraying the likely Democratic nominee against Crist, diehard Hillary Clinton supporter Rep. Kendrick Meek? Smells like a possible deal to me.

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