Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eastern European missiles?

"The cost of building and operating the controversial U.S. anti-ballistic missile sites in Europe could substantially exceed the original estimate of more than $4 billion, the Government Accountability Office has told Congress. The Defense Department's original estimate of $837 million for constructing the sites in Poland and the Czech Republic "did not fully account for the cost of power and utilities at the sites, among other things," . . . In May 2009, according to the report, an Army Corps of Engineers official said after reviewing design data that the construction estimate should be raised "to almost $1.2 billion . . ."

Put aside the question of why we're ignoring all the changes in the world, and still spending billions on missile sites in a region now at peace.

Instead, focus on what these 50% to 100% projected cost overruns on missile site development say about the validity of any estimates of the cost of health care "reform". The same people are doing the "estimating".

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